About Us

At American Realty Solutions, our goal is provide the bank with a complete external service to help banks eliminate bank assets by providing an external full service, value-added, fee-based consultation that is only rewarded for results.

Our team of seasoned professionals has extensive banking experience and first-hand knowledge of the inter-workings of prudent banking practices. American Realty Solutions is prepared to move large amounts of property in a short amount of time.

Our Guiding Principles

Clients First – We make decisions based on meeting our clients needs and understanding that we desire a long term relationship that is mutually rewarding. Because of this, we have strong communication lines with our clients so that we can understand their objectives and work together to achieve those objectives.

Strong Affinity Relationships – As with all businesses you are only as strong as those that work for you as well as with you. We recognize the need to engage quality companies to perform the legal and property management efforts that are sometimes required in servicing a portfolio and ensure that those we work with understand their role as well as the value that they can add to a client’s profit margin.

Ethical Conduct – Simply put, we are trustworthy and honest in our business relations.