ARS’ Real Estate Sales Sells Vacant Land

ARS’ real estate sales division sold a vacant lot on a major road in New Jersey prior to quarter end for a local community bank. The bank needed the property sold with a certain bottom line by quarter end. ARS real estate sales division marketed the property accordingly allowing the bank to show the sold asset on their second quarter filing.

ARS Sells Sub Performing Note

ARS’ Real Estate Servicing Division worked with a Washington, DC based lender to secure a buyer for a sub performing out of market note. ARS negotiated, documented, and completed the sale of the note creating a win-win situation for the buyer and seller.

ARS Sells Out of Market Note

ARS’ Real Estate Servicing Division worked with a borrower to help negotiate the release of a judgement on a commercial property. The real estate owner was located in Maryland and had a judgement on the properties. ARS was able to work with the judgement holder and the owner to reach a mutually agreeable solution that benefited both parties.

ARS Negotiates $3.5MM Note Sale

ARS’ Real Estate Servicing Division negotiated a multi-million dollar note sale secured by real estate. ARS was able to connect the buyer and seller in a short period of time to allow for an easy exit from the note for the seller and a great acquisition for the buyer.